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With the widespread use of car now society, car perfume also striding walked into our life.The stand or fall of car perfume directly affects the safety of drivers and mood, is very important to choose the right car perfume.Now commonly used cars on the market to have liquid type car perfume, solid type car perfume and aerosol type three car perfume.Liquid type car perfume, more common type of car perfume consists of essence and volatile solvent, than the solid car perfume fragrance thick, long duration, and send out slowly, in various kinds of artistic modelling of container, liquid type car perfume can be used 2 to 3 months.Current car perfume has become a staple of the public, it is beautiful beautiful, is the preferred car upholstery.Car perfume, as is known to all, only know that it is a car upholstery, but don't know it there are also a lot of unknown function oh!



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Perfume can keep the air inside the car clean, remove the peculiar smell, kill bacteria, have the effect of clean air.For drivers driving safety, it is able to create a in the narrow space inside the car amiable atmosphere, to keep sober and calm drivers, so that they can reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, add inside the refined taste.The modelling of many car perfume, are pretty darn cute, now in addition to smell, or very good interior decoration small, active interior atmosphere, improve the driving enjoyment

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Car perfume and perfume has a common for human use, is the ability to remove peculiar smell, however, by contrast, especially the characteristics of car perfume, eliminate peculiar smell inside the car, make the journey more pure and fresh air.It sends out the taste is light, is different from the people use perfume flavor.Select stabilization effect good car perfume is of great help to driving safety, such as cool and refreshing herbal fragrance, ning of amber, mint flavor, fruit flavor sweet flowers fragrance can relax, and so on